Customer Journey

Everyone sweats. Sweating is the body's temperature-regulating mechanism. But some people sweat excessively, i.e. they produce far more sweat than is needed to regulate the body's temperature. Like Michael for example, who has signed up for a perspiration treatment with us.

The sweating problem

Michael quickly works up a sweat, often for no reason at all. He is hardly out of the house in the morning when dark patches appear under his arms. And this happens even in early summer temperatures. This unpleasant experience has caused him to always carry with him a second shirt to change into. Hopefully our perspiration treatment has now put an end to this situation.

Medical consultation

Before the treatment, Michael discusses his concerns with Dr. Olga Juri, who explains all about the treatment process, the possible risks and how botulinum works. Michael shaved his armpits 48 hours before the treatment, which now leaves an approx. 2 mm growth of stubble. This is important as it allows Dr. Juri to see where the botulinum needs to be injected.

The treatment

For patients who are sensitive to pain, an anesthetic cream is first applied to the region to be treated, and this acts for 30 minutes. Next, using a very fine needle, the doctor injects small quantities of botulinum over a large area, thereby blocking nerve conduction to the sweat glands in the armpits and considerably reducing the production of sweat in the treated area.

After the treatment

After the treatment, Michael can resume his daily life completely as normal. He simply has to avoid saunas and sweat-promoting endurance sports for 48 hours until the botulinum is properly distributed. The full effect of the treatment occurs approx. 2-3 weeks after the procedure, by which time odor formation should be substantially reduced, leaving the way open to a stress-free summer. :-)

Perspiration treatment

Excessive sweating, especially under the arms, is a common problem. Targeted treatment of the underarm area with botulinum can significantly reduce both excessive sweating and the associated unpleasant odor.