Prices for all treatments include a follow-up visit two weeks after the treatment. If an additional injection is necessary during follow-up, usually no additional costs apply.


Face treatments with botulinum toxin

Single area treatment
Frown lines (glabella) CHF 350.–
Entire forehead including the glabella CHF 500.–
Crow’s feet CHF 300.–
Multiple area treatment at the same time
Frownlines and crow’s feet CHF 600.–
Upper third of the face (forehead + glabella + crow’s feet) CHF 700.–

Filler treatments (natural hyaluronic acid)

Nasolabial folds (both sides) CHF 600.–
Wrinkle treatment for the lips and/or lip enhancement CHF 800.–
Marionettefolds and mouthcorners CHF 600.–
Cheek wrinkles deep CHF 600.–
Cheek crinkles CHF 450.–
Augmentation of residual frown lines after botulinum toxin treatment CHF 300.–
Eye circles (tear trough deformity) CHF 800.–
Nose correction from CHF 600.–
Cheekbone augmentation from CHF 600.–
Filling of the cheeks from CHF 800.–

Other face treatments

Eyebrowlift CHF 300.–
Facial slimming for enlarged jaw muscles (masseter treatment) from CHF 300.–

Face treatment with CoolSculpting

Double chin from CHF 800.–

Special treatments (face)

PROFHILO® from CHF 600.-
Hydration therapy face from CHF 600.–
Plasmage upper OR lower eyelid CHF 900.–
Plasmage upper AND lower eyelid CHF 1600.–
Smoothlift price on request


Perspiration treatment with botulinum toxin

Both armpits CHF 700.–

Hydration therapies (body)

Hydration therapy hands CHF 800.–
Hydration therapy décolletage CHF 800.–


Detailed consultation* CHF 100.–*
*Will be deducted from treatment costs
Flanks / love handles (per side) from CHF 750.–
Lateral thighs / saddlebags (per side) from CHF 750.–
Inner thighs (per side) from CHF 750.–
Upper arms (per side) from CHF 750.–
Knees (per side) from CHF 750.–
Breast region (men) (per side) from CHF 750.–
Bra region (per side) from CHF 750.–
Large abdominal areas depending on number of zones
1 zone CHF 800.–
2 zones CHF 1500.–
3 zones CHF 2100.–
Each additional zone CHF 600.–