Lips and mouth
For a balanced shape

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Beautiful lips are an essential part of a well-cared-for face. When treating lips, Smoothline focuses less on lip enlargement than on something known as “lip enhancement”, in which the outline of the lips is treated to create a balanced shape.

What does “lip enhancement” mean?

During lip enhancement the outline of the lips is treated to create as balanced a shape as possible, with less emphasis on simply increasing lip volume. The aim is to achieve as natural an appearance as possible.

How are the lips and mouth treated?

Fillers consisting of natural hyaluronic acid are the products mainly used for this treatment, which is painless due to a local anesthetic. Hyaluronic acid is an important and natural component of connective tissue. The hyaluronic acid used to treat lips is processed in such a way that it is not automatically flushed out of the skin and is decomposed only slowly by the body. This means that the beautifying effect of the treatment lasts for between six months and over a year, depending on the product used.

How soon after treatment can I resume my everyday activities?

The treatment lasts 30 minutes in total (consultation, information, preparation and administration of treatment) and you can then resume your usual activities with no restrictions on your social life. Any needle-entry points that remain visible for a short time can easily be hidden with make-up.

What do I need to be aware of after treatment with fillers?

The treatment is generally well tolerated. The doctor discusses possible side effects individually with the client before every treatment. They are generally mild and do not last long. Possible side effects include small, temporary bruises and brief redness or swelling at the injection site. Blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin should not be taken during the week before treatment as this may increase the risk of bruising. We also advise against treatment during pregnancy.

Sonja’s treatment outcome

Fortunately, Sonja’s fears that she would leave Smoothline with oversized lips turned out to be unfounded. ;-) We used a hyaluronic acid filler to give her lips a balanced appearance, giving her narrow upper lip a little more volume and smoothing out the imbalance in her lower lip. Sonja’s reaction to the result: “I’m so happy with how natural it looks. And I’ve finally got an upper lip!”

Sonja's Customer Journey

«Seit ich denken kann, mag ich meine Lippen nicht. Und seit einem Unfall als Kind sind sie unten auch nicht mehr gleichmässig. Aber ich hatte immer Respekt davor, dass das Resultat einer Filler-Behandlung nicht natürlich aussehen könnte.»

What fillers are

Fillers are materials that are injected into the tissue to compensate for material loss associated with the natural aging process. Fillers are mostly used to "fill in" wrinkles. The fillers that we use at Smoothline are based exclusively on fully degradable, natural hyaluronic acid.