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A frown line is the vertical line between the eyebrows above the root of the nose. It is a form of expression line that can be caused by the daily movement of the facial muscles. It is usually treated at the same time as forehead lines using botulinum.

How do frown lines develop?

From the day they are born, every person has a certain amount of tension in their muscles, known as muscle tone, which is also present when the body is at rest. The natural movement of the muscles, for example when a person takes on a pensive expression, causes them to move to a greater or lesser degree, briefly forming wrinkles. The skin is capable of compensating for this pattern of tension and release for a very long time. However, with increasing age and decreasing skin elasticity, there comes a point at which these expression-related lines no longer disappear. They become deeper and are visible in the skin as frown lines even when the facial muscles are relaxed.

What are expression lines?

Wrinkles caused by facial expressions (expression lines) develop as a result of the activity of the underlying facial muscles. Expression lines include, in particular, frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

How can frown lines be treated?

Frown lines are treated with botulinum injected into the skin or muscle by a doctor using very fine needles. The active substance temporarily reduces the transmission of stimuli from the nerve to the muscle. This relaxes the muscle and the lines are smoothed out. Initial results can usually be seen after two or three days. The maximum effect develops five to six weeks after the injection.

How soon after treatment can I resume my everyday activities?

The treatment lasts 30 minutes in total (consultation, information, preparation, and administration of treatment) and you can then resume your usual activities with no restrictions on your social life. Any needle-entry points that remain visible for a short time can easily be hidden with make-up.

What do I need to be aware of after treatment with botulinum toxin?

You should AVOID the following activities for 24 hours after treatment with botulinum toxin:

  • Visits to a sauna or Turkish bath
  • Excessive sports activity
  • Extreme positions held for a long time (head stands, power yoga)
  • Facial massages
  • Wearing swimming goggles

Sara’s treatment outcome

In this photo, Sara is looking thoughtful and drawing her eyebrows together. This is no longer clearly recognisable, but there is some visible facial expression, so that Sara still has a natural look. Her critical gaze can be seen in the photo, but the deep expression lines no longer dominate her expression.

Sara's Customer Journey

Sara was bothered by a pronounced frown line between her eyebrows that deflected attention from her face. She felt that it made her look very different from the way she felt. So we did something about it.

Frown lines – botulinum or hyaluronic acid?

The hyperactive muscles should initially be relaxed with botulinum. If the wrinkle treatment is intended to be preventive, in other words before the frown lines appear deep and furrowed, botulinum treatment is generally sufficient. If the frown lines are already deep, the wrinkle or depression in the skin usually needs to be filled additionally with a hyaluronic acid gel at some point during the first few wrinkle treatments. This can be done in a combined treatment or in several stages. It is generally advisable to undergo baseline treatment with botulinum toxin before the frown lines are filled.

What is botulinum toxin

Botulinum has been used in various fields of medicine since the 1980s. This biological protein is mainly used as a medication to treat unwanted expression lines and frown wrinkles, as well as excessive sweating under the arms.