Customer Journey

What’s bothering Sara?

Sara doesn’t like the pronounced frown line between her eyebrows that reaches from the top of her nose to the lower third of her forehead when her forehead muscles move. In addition, the faint laughter lines around her eyes have developed into visible crow’s feet over time.

“That’s just not me,” Sara says. So we reduced her expression wrinkles.

Frown lines

“And now make an angry face, please.”

Here we easily can see why Sara isn’t happy when she draws her eyebrows together. A horizontal line forms above the top of her nose and two deep wrinkles run towards the top of her forehead. A few injections of botulinum toxin can substantially reduce these wrinkles.

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are the colloquial term used for the wrinkles that develop at the side of the eyes; they are a form of expression wrinkle. They are not very pronounced on Sara’s face, but early treatment prevents them from becoming progressively deeper and damaging the skin in the longer term.

You wouldn't think that Sara is actually looking "angry" and drawing her eyebrows together in this picture.

Her expression wrinkles have been substantially reduced by the botulinum toxin treatment and Sara's face looks completely relaxed. Her pretty blue eyes are now much more expressive again.