Customer Journey

"I feel like I'm in good hands at Smoothline."

"Smoothline was recommended to me by a good friend. So when I first came here three years ago, I felt safe right from the beginning. Not only did the physicians take very good care of me, explaining everything in detail and carrying out the treatments with great care, but they also never tried to sell me anything I hadn't asked for."

"Every time I see my relaxed expression in the mirror, I feel overcome with emotion."

"So far, I've only had my forehead lines and laughter lines around the eyes treated with botulinum toxin at Smoothline. What's interesting is that nobody has ever suspected that I've had this kind of treatment. The reaction has always been: Wow, you look so fresh and healthy!"

"I can see the difference myself, too. Around two weeks after the treatment, I feel really good when I look in the mirror, and more confident. Not very much has changed and yet I feel better when I see my fresh, relaxed expression. I don't look any younger, nor was that my intention, but I just feel better and happier in my own skin. And when you feel good, you look good too."

Treatment of expression lines

Maria is in her early forties and has two children. As she has gotten older, she has naturally developed expression lines on her forehead and around the eyes along with her first few gray hairs. This is nothing serious, but they leave Maria looking more tired and her skin slightly pallid, which she is not happy about.

Expression lines can be treated with botulinum toxin. The active substance is injected directly into the muscle using a very fine needle, where it temporarily reduces the transmission of stimuli from nerve to muscle. The muscle responsible for the expression lines relaxes and the skin becomes smooth again. Initial results can usually be seen after two or three days. The maximum effect develops five to six weeks after the injection.

"It looks so natural that people don't suspect a thing, aside from noticing the fresh, healthy-looking appearance."