Customer Journey

What had changed?

Lines had developed particularly between his eyebrows and around his eyes as a result of the natural aging process. At the same time, the area under his eyes had become a little hollow, and over the years his face had lost volume from the cheeks and temples.

Frown lines

Frown lines are caused by facial expressions; they are lines that have set in place over the years as a result of repeated movements of the muscles in the face. They can be smoothed out by reducing the activity of the muscles in this part of the face with botulinum toxin. This treatment blocks the secretion of a messenger substance, inhibiting the transmission of impulses from the nerve cell to the muscle and thus allowing the muscle to relax.

Circles under the eyes

Dark circles had developed under the eyes and volume had been lost from the cheeks. Loss of fullness under the eyes can be treated with a hyaluronic acid filler. This corrects the deficits that occur due to the loss of subcutaneous tissue around the lower eyelids and the loss of bone around the eye sockets.

Restoring volume

The shape and proportions of the face change with age as volume is lost from places such as the temples or cheeks. Volume deficits are the result of declining bone mass. Deficits of this kind can be corrected with hyaluronic acid fillers, restoring harmonious proportions to the face.

Matthias' facial expression looks significantly younger. The increase in volume at the temples makes his face appear more harmonious, while the reduction in expression lines at the root of his nose and around his eyes makes him look relaxed and content.