“The last thing I want is to look overdone.”
Tatjana Reuter

Sales Instructor

First visit to Smoothline in May 2021

Circles under the eyes

What’s bothering Tatjana?

Tatjana likes her face. She has beautiful smooth skin, ideal proportions between her forehead, nose, and chin, and generally looks younger than she is.

But for some time now she’s had visible dark circles under her eyes – and they’re the first thing people notice. That bothers her. And now she wants to get rid of these circles.

Circles under the eyes

On first sight it looks as if the circles under Tatjana’s eyes are the only thing that needs to be treated in order to restore the freshness to her face.

In fact, though, a face always needs to be considered as a whole. Although Tatjana still has a youthful appearance, the first, barely visible signs of aging have started to change the anatomy of her face, and this is affecting the circles under her eyes. Furthermore, there is no clearly defined tear trough below her eyes; rather she has a trough that extends downwards to her cheeks.


Tatjana’s cheeks have lost a substantial amount of volume, making her face appear longer and indirectly impacting the area under her eyes as well.

A nasolabial fold is starting to emerge at the side of her nose, making it appear longer while at the same time intensifying the effect of gravity.

And the natural loss of bone from her cheeks has left the under-eye area somewhat flatter, allowing the skin to sag. This negatively impacts the circles under her eyes, intensifies the nasolabial fold, and diminishes the definition of her jawline.

We therefore first need to treat the changes that have occurred in the central part of Tatjana’s face (the area between the eyes and the chin), since they intensify the circles under her eyes, in order subsequently to achieve a sustainable result with the tear trough and dark under-eye circles.

Cheek augmentation

We start by correcting the volume deficit in Tatjana’s cheeks. We give her slightly more contour along the cheek bones under the eyes and correct the loss of volume in her cheeks.

This will give her face a slightly fuller appearance, while at the same time tautening her skin; the tension that this creates will automatically give her jawline more definition without additional treatment.

Nasolabial fold

Tatjana’s nasolabial fold is not particularly prominent. It is caused mainly by the loss of volume over the cheek bones and cheeks. We just need to add a little volume directly to the right and left of the nostrils to make the fold disappear, while at the same time making the nose appear shorter and finer again – a result of the shadow being eliminated by the added volume.


We can see that the entire face needs to be analyzed as a whole in order to treat one dominant change – in Tatjana’s case the circles under her eyes – and to achieve a result that is both satisfactory and sustainable. An experienced physician can see where a face has lost volume over the years as a result of the natural aging process, where gravity has left its mark, and – most important of all – which part of the face needs to be treated in order to eliminate the problem gently and naturally.

By treating Tatjana’s face as a whole, it was possible to improve her jaw line and the circles under her eyes by contouring her cheek bones and reducing the nasolabial fold. Once these changes, which were due to the natural process of aging, had been rectified, the excess skin and the tear trough under her eyes were better defined and could be treated specifically. The circles under her eyes are now not only greatly reduced – Tatjana’s face looks fresher overall and her skin quality has substantially improved as a result of the treatments with hyaluronic acid products.