Customer Journey

Like mother, like son

This is already Nicolo’s third visit to Smoothline. He has been receiving treatment from us since 2020 for a prominent frown line that he has had since he was a young adolescent. His mother gave him the idea of having it treated with Botulinum toxin at Smoothline as she was very pleased with the results she herself had experienced.

Treatment of Nicolo’s expression lines with botulinum toxin has not only had a visual impact; he also feels much better and happier whenever he sees himself in the mirror with a greatly reduced frown line.

In everyday life this has a positive effect on him by giving him a more confident and relaxed appearance to others, even if, as he tells us, they hardly notice the change. That improved feeling really is only important for him.

A look in the mirror...

In this picture, Nicolo can see his face in a relaxed state after his visit to Smoothline: the forehead lines have disappeared and the central line is barely visible.

Nicolo has had this marked frown line since he was a young adolescent, and over time a deep line has formed here that cannot be completely eliminated with botulinum toxin. If Nicolo wanted the deep line to be completely eradicated, it could be filled with a little hyaluronic acid filler.