Customer Journey

What brought Angela to Smoothline?

Angela is an attractive, good-looking woman in her early forties. The only thing she doesn't like about her appearance is the pronounced lines across her forehead that she developed a few years ago. They bothered her so much that she always covered them up with her hair or with hats. For a long time, she didn't have the time or the energy to deal with the issue. But now, she has taken the plunge and visited Smoothline.

Forehead lines

"Can you raise your eyebrows for me, please?"

Here, we can see all too well why Angela preferred to cover up her forehead. A few injections of botulinum toxin greatly reduced the appearance of these lines.

Angela's Smoothline experience

"The physician who treated me really took his time to explain the outcome that I could expect as well as the potential risks. The treatment itself was very quick and I could feel that something was happening 'up there' – there was a warm sensation and I had a slight headache at the start. But my forehead is much smoother now and I can't describe how much better it makes me feel."

"What impressed me the most was the expertise of the medical professionals."

The lines on her forehead were greatly reduced through the treatment with botulinum toxin. But Angela is still able to move her forehead and the outcome looks completely natural.