Customer Journey

Michael came to see us because stubborn “love handles” at the sides of his abdomen had been bothering him for a long time. No matter what diet he tried or sport he did, there was simply no improvement in this area. So he decided to give CoolSculpting a chance.

Discussion with the physician

Before the CoolSculpting treatment, Michael talks to our physician Martin Kopietz about the problem zones that he would like to have treated. The physician also evaluates whether Michael is in fact a candidate for treatment and explains how the treatment is done and what the possible risks are.

Marking the area to be treated

After the consultation, the physician determines which CoolSculpting applicator is the best fit for the region being treated, and marks the area in which the CoolSculpting machine needs to be applied. Michael will have two treatment cycles with overlapping zones to ensure a pleasing, balanced result and to prevent an uneven surface from developing.

CoolSculpting treatment

The cooling element of the CoolSculpting machine is exactly positioned on the marked zone and cools the treated area down to -11 degrees in a controlled and regular fashion over a period of around 45 minutes (1 treatment cycle). The patient feels a slight pulling sensation at the start, but that soon stops, and they can listen to music or read while they relax during the treatment.


Immediately after the 45-minute cycle ends, the treated zone is intensively massaged for two minutes. This feels somewhat unpleasant but it’s important in achieving a good result. The massage starts the process of decomposition; the frozen fat cells decompose over the next 2-3 months or so and are eliminated from the body by its natural metabolism.