Customer Journey

Sofia is bothered by stubborn fat deposits on her inner thighs, stomach and flanks, which she has been unable to shift despite going to the gym regularly. She decided to come to us for CoolSculpting treatment in order to get even closer to the body shape she wants.

The consultation

During the consultation with Dr. Konrad Thoele, Sofia learns about how CoolSculpting works and how the treatment is carried out. CoolSculpting promises a lasting reduction of 25–30% in fat cells. This means that the number of fat cells in the treated area will be reduced over a period of 2–3 months following treatment. A healthy diet and exercise naturally support the effect.


In preparation for the CoolSculpting treatment, the areas to be cooled are discussed with and marked by the doctor. The fat cells in these areas are permanently broken down by the cryolipolysis treatment and not just reduced in volume as is the case with dieting.

How CoolSculpting treatment is carried out

The areas to be treated are first rubbed with a protective substance and covered with a gel pad to protect the skin from the direct effects of the low temperature.

The cooling element of the CoolSculpting machine is exactly positioned on the marked zone, it slightly draws in the skin, and then cools the treated area down to -11°C in a controlled and regular fashion over a period of around 45 minutes (1 treatment cycle). Once this time has elapsed, the applicator is removed, and the cooled area is intensively massaged for 2 minutes to stimulate the decomposition of the fat cells.


One size smaller! Sofia's body lost around 20-30% fat after the CoolSculpting treatment. Her stomach is flatter and her waistline is more clearly defined, meaning that she can now buy jeans one size smaller.