Customer Journey

"I’m so happy with the result!"

Silvana, a lady with a really cheerful nature, is in her mid-forties. Her face is almost constantly wreathed in happy smiles and she is bursting with energy.

But her age is slowly starting to show. Over the years she began to notice fine lines, initially on her forehead and around her eyes. Her complexion also started to change recently, and her skin is gradually losing its elasticity overall.

Fear of the unknown

For a long time Silvana was very cautious about undergoing minimally invasive treatment of her face. She definitely didn’t want to lose her facial expressions or develop a mask-like appearance. But then her husband had treatment with botulinum toxin, and he looked so much livelier and more relaxed that she plucked up the courage and decided to try it as well.

Dr. Tobalem was the right physician for her, and she was able to talk with him at length about what was bothering her, how she would like to look, and was also able to explain that she would definitely want to retain her facial expressions after treatment.

The treatment plan

Dr. Tobalem and Silvana agreed to somewhat reduce the lines on her forehead, her frown line and some of the laughter lines around her eyes by using botulinum toxin during her first session. They would then determine the following course of action once they had seen the initial results. During the first session they also used Profhilo®, a hyaluronic acid product which shows its full effect after 2-3 sessions at intervals of 4 weeks, to achieve a fresher facial appearance and complexion overall.

Dr. Tobalem assessed the results of the botulinum toxin treatment during a follow-up consultation two weeks later, and optimized Silvana’s appearance in a few places in line with her wishes.

Treatment with PROFHILO®

PROFHILO® is a procedure for injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin in order to bio-remodel tired, dry and sagging skin. This anti-aging therapy achieves a lasting improvement in skin quality and counters skin aging. Unlike conventional fillers, the composition of PROFHILO® doesn’t have a narrow, local effect; it floods all the skin on the face with moisture and boosts the formation of elastin and collagen.

The result is a generally fresher, more even and firmer appearance that eliminates fine lines due to dryness.

Happy Face

The pictures show Silvana almost three months later, after her treatment with botulinum toxin and two Profhilo® sessions. Her face appears much firmer, and the forehead and frown lines are greatly reduced.

When Silvana laughs, her attractive laughter lines are still visible. At the same time, the reduced forehead lines and frown line give her a more open and direct appearance. Her cheeks also look much firmer, and her whole face seems to be more radiant.

Even with strong facial expressions, such as an astonished or angry look, Silvana's face looks fresh. Silvana’s naturally beautiful features have been restored and her warm, sparkling eyes are once more the center of attention.