"It's all quite straightforward."
Daniela Hux-Brauss, 45 years old

Die erprobte Smoothlinerin

Smoothline client since 2008.

Dipl.Ing. ETH

Filler: cheeks, lips
Botulinum toxin: frown line, forehead, eyes

Daniela's Smoothline Journey

Daniela is a working mom and has been a faithful client at Smoothline for more than 12 years.

“I had really pronounced forehead wrinkles at an early age that I found very unattractive. I found Smoothline on Google. At that time, it was still a walk-in clinic. I liked that it was all so uncomplicated. You didn’t have to wait months for an appointment, you could just drop by.”

Is it always the same areas that are treated, or do you sometimes try out new things?

“I come mainly for my forehead, which is treated with botulinum toxin. In the early days I also had my lips done with fillers, but I never really got used to the way it looked, it was somehow a bit much for me. The good thing about hyaluronic acid is that it breaks down over time, so it’s easy to try things out to see how they look. My mom was always keen on facial treatments so it was something I was used to before I started with treatments myself.”

Are the treatments at Smoothline part of your beauty routine?

“I put the dates to have my forehead treated in my diary the same way as my appointments with the hairdresser or other beauty treatments. It’s perfectly normal for me, I come three times a year. I also talk to my girlfriends about it. The way people see these treatments has changed. Nowadays they don’t judge you for having things done.”

"Of course I have respect for these treatments"

It's my face, after all. That’s why it was important for me to be able to have the treatments done by an expert, preferably a physician, and that I received good information.

Is there a relationship of trust between you and your Smoothline physician?

“I have a good relationship with my physician at Smoothline. I like the way I can talk to her about anything, we get on really well. And she always gives me useful tips.”

What treatments were done at your last appointment?

“As usual, we treated my frown lines, my forehead, and the crow’s feet around my eyes with botulinum toxin. I’ve got a second appointment lined up to treat the wrinkles on my cheeks and my jawline with hyaluronic acid, and I think I’m going to try having my lips done again.”


Daniela is a client with Smoothline for 12 years. Having been treated with botulinumtoxin at the forehead and hyaluronic acid fillers on the cheeks, Daniela's face doesn't appear changed, yet overall refreshed, smoothened around the eyes and nose and more contoured than before. The lips have gained volume through the filler-treatment and still look natural.