«We achieved so much with such a small procedure.»
Andrea K., 30 years old

Our youngest ambassador

Smoothline client since 2018.

Filler: bump on bridge of nose

Andrea's Smoothline Journey

Andrea is our youngest Smoothline ambassador and comes to us to have her nose treated with filler.

“The bump on my nose has always bothered me. I never had photos taken from the side, only ever face-on because then the bump wasn't visible. I often thought about having an operation. But I decided that surgery was too radical, especially on the nose, and who knows how it will look afterwards?”

How she heard about Smoothline:

“A friend who had her forehead botoxed recommended Smoothline to me. She was really enthusiastic about the physicians and the advice they gave. I first looked to see if Smoothline even treats noses with hyaluronic acid.”

Yes, we certainly do! Hyaluronic acid is used to fill wrinkles and can also smooth out uneven places on the bridge of the nose, making it relatively easy to correct an unwanted bump, for example.

“I felt at home right from the start.”

I had my first treatment at Smoothline in September 2018. I felt at home with the physician treating me right from the start. He was really careful with the treatment. I had several appointments until my nose looked the way I wanted it.

Was the treatment unpleasant?

“The treatment itself wasn’t painful. The physician injected the hyaluronic acid into the bridge of my nose from underneath. The friend who came with me thought it was awful. But I didn’t think it was bad at all, and it went really quickly.”

Are you still thinking about having a nose surgery?

“Surgery is no more an option, there's no need if I can get a brilliant result like this. We achieved so much with such a small procedure. I feel much better since the treatment and now I don’t mind having my picture taken from the side. For me it’s the result that counts.”

Andrea's nose showed a slight bump on the nasal bone before its treatment with hyaluronic acid filler. The part between the bump and the insertion of the nose was injected with hyaluronic acid filler so that the nose appears all straight now - without any surgery. The filler lasts for about 1,5 to 2 years, then it will start to dissolve and reveal the bump again.