Probands for circles under the eyes

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We are looking for probands for the treatment of circles under the eyes

We are looking for participants who would like to have their dark circles treated with filler. The treatment takes place in our practice and is free of charge for you.

The treatment is carried out by an experienced and highly trained medical expert and is documented photographically. The photo and film material will later be used for communication purposes (medical training, trade fairs, documentation, further training, marketing etc.).


  • age: 35 years and older
  • no facial treatment with fillers (hyaluronic acid or similar) in the last 6 months


  • in February 2024
  • at the premises of our practice at Bahnhofstrasse 84 in Zurich.


Interested? Then register via the following link:

What circles under the eyes

There are various reasons why dark circles develop under the eyes as we age. The main causes include the loss of subcutaneous fatty tissue around the lower eyelids and the loss of bone around the eye sockets.

How can eye circles be treated?

Loss of fullness under the eyes can be treated with a filler. Very fine cannulas with rounded tips are used instead of needles to make treatment especially gentle. This makes treatment practically painless.