Duck Face?
Not with Smoothline.

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Do you know what duck face is? Duck face is a facial expression in which the lips are pushed outwards to create an exaggerated pout.

When lip treatments are carried out inexpertly and far too much volume is injected, this can also cause duck face. And one that won’t go away any time soon. This is one of the reasons that beauty treatments with filler and botulinum are commonly often frowned upon. Because the poor results of this type of treatment are immediately obvious, while those that are well done go unnoticed.

“The most important thing with our treatments is achieving a natural look.”

At Smoothline, we attach great importance to our filler and botulinum treatments maintaining a natural look and restoring balanced facial proportions. The aim is not to change a face, but to maintain the structures and shapes over the long term. We achieve this through the extensive, specialized experience of our doctors. Smoothline has been specializing exclusively in facial treatments with filler and botulinum for 15 years.


Discover the natural results and experiences of our customers here. They explain what led them to be advised and treated by Smoothline doctors. And the pictures show how relaxed and happy they look now.

The Smoothline philosophy

Natural results

All treatments at Smoothline are carried out by a qualified team of doctors with extensive medical experience in the area of filler and botulinum treatments. Particular importance is attached to maintaining a natural look.

Less is more

Beauty treatments are an investment in your future. Your individual treatment plan is discussed with the doctor, and the corrections are realized step by step over a longer period. Less is more here, so that your natural beauty is maintained.

Beauty isn't a trend

Every person and every face is individual. And the same is true of our treatments. Before treatment each face is closely analyzed by our doctors and the treatment plan individually adapted. We don't follow short-lived beauty trends, but use our expertise to highlight your individual beauty.

Extensive expertise and experience

Smoothline has specialized in filler and botulinum treatments for 15 years. Since we were founded in 2007, our team of doctors has successfully carried out more than 80,000 treatments. And we have always remained true to our motto: “less is more”.

New to Smoothline?

Learn about the treatments we offer and how a visit to Smoothline works from booking an appointment to follow-up.

More than 15 years of Smoothline

Smoothline has been around for more than 15 years now. Find out all about how Smoothline started out in a hair salon in Kirchgasse in Zurich, our customers who have remained loyal since the beginning, and how the media initially reacted to this innovative, bold concept.