Eyelid lifting without surgery

Drooping eyelids – most often a case of excess skin caused by weakened muscles or a sagging forehead and eyebrow region – can be corrected early and gently using Plasmage treatment, without the need for injections or scalpels. This treatment applies a very small dose of energy to the skin in the form of plasma, rejuvenating specific areas of skin with the utmost precision. The surrounding skin and subcutaneous layers of tissue are unaffected, making Plasmage an extremely safe and gentle treatment method.

The plasma acts as a disinfectant, promoting skin regeneration and helping the wound to heal. Depending on the treated area, the effects of the treatment are only slightly visible and resolve within a few days. Patients do not experience any wound pain or scarring. As a result, the impact on your day-to-day life is minimal.

The main advantages of Plasmage treatment are that it does not cut the skin, or cause any bleeding, bruising (hematoma), or scarring. Mild swelling may occur depending on the patient and the skin region treated, but this will subside after a few days.

What are the other applications of Plasmage?

  • skin firming (e.g. wrinkles around the eyes, upper lip, or ears)
  • eliminating small scars (e.g. acne scarring or post-operative scars)
  • treating benign skin changes (e.g. pigmentation, fibromas, or birthmarks)