About Plasmage
Eyelid lifting without surgery

How does Plasmage work?

Plasmage works by ionizing the air surrounding us (particularly oxygen and nitrogen). The generated plasma sublimates specific areas of the upper layers of skin without affecting subcutaneous layers of skin or the surrounding tissue. This simultaneously kills any bacteria, enabling quick healing without any scarring or infection. It also stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration in the treated skin regions.

What are the advantages of treatment using Plasmage?

  • No surgical intervention
  • Precise, targeted treatment method
  • Safety-tested technology
  • No wound pain
  • No bruising (hematoma) or scarring
  • Limited swelling that quickly subsides
  • Results visible immediately
  • Very little time off required
  • No overcorrection possible
  • Very natural-looking results
  • Can be easily repeated if desired

What should I be aware of?

Avoid using sunbeds and saunas for the first few weeks after treatment. To achieve best results and prevent sun damage, we recommend using SPF 50 sunscreen for 8-12 weeks following the treatment. During this period, you should also wear sunglasses and avoid exposing the treated skin areas to direct sunlight.