Holistic approach for best results

We originally developed our holistic "Smoothlift" rejuvenation treatment as a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional surgical facelift. This avoids a surgical procedure and the associated risks.

The Smoothlift is intended primarily for clients who want the most holistic and complete facial treatment possible. It is suitable not only for clients with pronounced signs of ageing due to structural changes, such as noticeably sunken cheeks and flabby jowls ÔÇô but also for clients who would benefit from holistic improvement of several facial regions.

With Smoothlift, the doctor works towards restoration of the optimal harmony and balance of the face. As a first step, structural signs of ageing such as hollow cheeks and other sunken areas of the face are corrected with fillers. A holistic anti-wrinkle treatment of the whole face is then carried out with botulinum and fillers.

Our aim is not just to smooth out wrinkles, but to produce a real lifting effect that restores vitality and freshness. With Smoothlift, as with all treatments at Smoothline, we believe that maintaining a natural appearance is particularly important.