Structuring treatments
For a younger physiognomy

In the course of our life not only does the skin in our face age, but the subcutaneous fatty tissue shifts and the amount of bone mass in the midface decreases. As a result, the areas around the cheeks and lower lids often sag, giving the typical appearance of a tired, ageing face.

In structuring treatments the lost volume is replaced with natural hyaluronic acid. The face resumes a younger physiognomy, and tired-looking shadows are visibly softened.

For added comfort this treatment can be performed with specially developed fine, rounded-tip cannulas to make it practically pain-free, while causing hardly any bruising, so that you can return to your usual activities immediately after treatment.

Classical applications are cheek- or cheekbone structuring, correction of circles around the eyes or straightening of the jawline and jowls respectively, or the correction of a hooked nose.