Our History
Starting with a bold move

The beginnings

More than fifteen years ago, on July 13, 2007, Smoothline was founded in Zurich by physicians Philippe Snozzi and Dan Iselin. It was a bold move that generated a certain amount of public opinion, press reports and controversy, as 30-minute wrinkle treatments were still relatively unheard of in Switzerland at that time. Since then quite a lot has changed, and many people have been relieved of their worry lines – indeed, Smoothline has carried out over 84,000 treatments in more than 15 years..

An innovative concept

Smoothline started life as a walk-in clinic at a hair salon in Kirchgasse. Every Monday, the hair salon was transformed into a beauty clinic where customers could drop in without an appointment and have their wrinkles treated by one of the two physicians. This was a brand new concept, since at that time the practical walk-in concept and the acceptance of botulinum toxin beauty treatments were far less widespread than they are today.

The history of Smoothline

It all began in a hair salon in Kirchgasse, in Zurich's Niederdorf district. Today, Smoothline operates from three locations in Switzerland and Germany.

Customer testimonials

They've been with us from the beginning and have remained loyal customers to this day: Jacqueline, Bea O., Peter, Sascha C., Matthias S., and Renato reveal all about why they are still so devoted to Smoothline.

Media reports

The opening of a walk-in clinic offering 30-minute wrinkle treatments created a media buzz at the time.