"This way I’m still me."
Corinne R., 60 years old

Business owner and dog lover

Smoothline client since 2012.

Business Owner

Filler: jawline, lips, cheeks
Botox: frown line, forehead

Corinne's Smoothline Journey

Corinne is an aesthete and it’s important for her that the treatments don’t change her but rather highlight her natural look.

“It's important to me how I dress, how I live and how I look. I’m a perfectionist and very self-critical. Everything has to be perfect. I’ve never told those around me that I get treatments with Botox and fillers. My mother and my sister don’t know, for example, but they've also never asked. And they haven’t noticed. It shouldn’t be so obvious that you see it straight away.”

Was Smoothline your first choice right from the start?

“When I first started getting treated at Smoothline I also went to another place as well, but I wasn't happy with the result and so I was wondering what to do. Should I go back to Smoothline or to a new physician?”

What happened to make Smoothline your preferred treatment center?

“So I decided to go back to Smoothline and then found the physician who was right for me. He understood what makes me tick and how best to approach me, and we started working together. The difficult thing is that each physician has a different appreciation of beauty. And I had to find the one whose idea of beauty came closest to the way I felt.”

How do you work with your physician?

“I tell him what’s bothering me or what I’d like to change, and for me that means talking about a “flaw.” But as the expert he tends to see the bigger picture and understands that my problem may have to be solved in a different place. For example, I wasn’t happy with my chin area and I thought the physician should do something about it. But he thought that if we plumped my cheeks a bit that would produce the changes to my chin that I wanted to see. And he was right.”

Have the treatments at Smoothline changed your beauty routine?

“I think the treatments at Smoothline are great! I can’t imagine doing without them now. I also use far fewer expensive creams than I used to. I’m convinced that working from the inside out with hyaluronic acid is the way to go. Then all you need from the outside is a little moisturizer.”

Would surgery have been an option for you?

“I would never have considered a facelift. The procedure is much more radical and the risks are greater. With the treatments at Smoothline I’m still me.”

"I’m putting myself into his hands"

We have a relationship of trust. I tell the physician what's bothering me and he knows what he has to do to create the effect I want. I’m putting myself into his hands in the truest sense of the word.

Did you have any concerns about having your face treated?

“I didn’t have any concerns. My only requirement was that it shouldn’t look unnatural. That's why I scheduled the appointment before my vacation so that nobody would mention it when I went back to work. I’m the sort of person who bruises very easily. It’s also fair to say that of course the treatment is painful. My cheeks really throb after a treatment. They get hot and I can feel them pulsating.”

Corinne naturally has a narrow face that looks even thinner as a result of age-related structural changes such as hollow cheeks and fleshy jowls. This type of change can be smoothed away with a Smoothlift treatment of the entire face. Fillers are used to emphasize the cheeks, and this smooths wrinkles under the eyes and along the jawline, creating more contour and making the face more harmonious overall. Frown lines are “blocked” with botulinum toxin and the forehead is only treated gently to smooth it while leaving it mobile.