The Smoothline credo

Authentically beautiful

At Smoothline, we believe that your personality is the source of your individual beauty.

It is therefore extremely important to us to help you express your personality authentically. We do so by giving careful consideration to you and your needs. With our specialization in facial care, we can revitalize your appearance discreetly and naturally without changing it, using our tried-and-tested, reversible treatments.

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Authentically beautiful

At Smoothline, we believe that your individual beauty comes directly from your personality. And your personality is not defined by the stories etched on your face by your life experiences, but by your own unique character.

That's why it is vital for us at Smoothline to understand your nature, identify your needs, and help you express your personality authentically with our long-term medical expertise.

The focus is on you – To achieve this, we want you to feel completely comfortable with us, as this is the only way in which you can be your true self. We therefore create a pleasant atmosphere unlike a traditional medical practice, and take plenty of time to discuss your individual circumstances and consider which treatments would best emphasize your personality.

Naturally you – At Smoothline, we have followed a “less is more” approach for more than 16 years. Our highly specialized medical work focuses on selected, proven, reversible treatments that revitalize your face discreetly and naturally without changing it. In our view, self-confidence and contentment do not come from change, but from the authenticity and beauty of your own being.

The highest medical standards – Our Smoothline doctors have many years of highly specialized medical expertise in the area of wrinkle treatments using fillers and botulinum toxin, and believe in the importance of a comprehensive medical consultation in order to draw up a customized treatment plan just for you.