Customer Journeys
First Timers at Smoothline

Smoothline is a clinic that specializes in aesthetic facial treatments (particularly wrinkle treatments) and was founded in 2007 as the first clinic to specialize exclusively in fillers and botulinum.

Learn why our new clients place their trust in the fourteen years of experience that our team of doctors have in filler and botulinum treatments, and why they decide to come to Smoothline for treatment. And see for yourself how relaxed and happy they look now.

Customer Journey mit Gesichtsbehandlung

Tatjana's Customer Journey

Tatjana wirkt jünger als sie ist. Aber sie stört sich an den dunklen Ringen unter ihren Augen und möchte dagegen etwas unternehmen. Wie wir diese losgeworden sind, erfahren Sie in Tatjana's Customer Journey.

Silvia's Customer Journey

«Ich sehe einfach immer so müde aus. Egal wie viel ich schlafe, egal wie fit ich mich fühle, meine Augenringe vermitteln immer einen müden Eindruck. Das stört mich.»

Customer Journey mit CoolSculpting

Hannes' Customer Journey

Hannes hat einen sportlichen, gut trainierten Körper. Nur an ein paar wenigen Stellen haben sich hartnäckige, sport- und diätresistente Fettdepots eingenistet. Um diese zu reduzieren, hat er sich für eine CoolSculpting Behandlung entschieden.

Sofia's Customer Journey

Für gewisse Körperstellen können wir so viel trainieren wie wir wollen, die hartnäckigen Fettdepots werden einfach nicht weniger. So erging es auch Sofia, weshalb sie nun eine Behandlung mit CoolSculpting ausprobiert hat.

Anni’s Customer Journey

Anni likes to wear tank tops and spaghetti strap dresses. But she’s bothered by the unattractive fat deposits that are visible around the bra line. That’s why she decided in favor of CoolSculpting treatment.

Tatjana's Customer Journey

Tatjana looks younger than her years. But she is bothered by the dark rings under her eyes and would like to do something about them. Read Tatjana’s Customer Journey to see how we managed this.

Silvia's Customer Journey

“I just look so tired all the time. No matter how much I sleep or how great I feel, the circles under my eyes always make me look tired. That bothers me.”

Sonja's Customer Journey

“I’ve disliked my lips for as long as I can remember. And my bottom lip hasn’t been even ever since I had an accident as a child. But I was always concerned that the result of filler treatment might not look natural.”

Sara’s Customer Journey

Sara was bothered by a pronounced frown line between her eyebrows that deflected attention from her face. She felt that it made her look very different from the way she felt. So we did something about it.

Manuela's Customer Journey

Manuela has noticed that her skin has changed over the past few years. The first signs of wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes have become deeper and new ones have developed around her mouth.

Matthias' Customer Journey

Matthias was bothered that his face had recently been looking tired and a bit tense even though he was getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising.

Sabrina's Customer Journey

Sabrina has noticed changes in the appearance of the skin on her face and décolleté. The skin is no longer as firm, giving it a somewhat dull and dry appearance. In addition, fine wrinkles have developed everywhere.

Michael's Customer Journey

Michael came to see us because stubborn “love handles” at the sides of his abdomen had been bothering him for a long time. No matter what diet he tried or sport he did, there was simply no improvement in this area. So he decided to give CoolSculpting a chance.